On the other boost, in profuse cases it is uncommonly nit-picking to vindicate the diagnosis past the peculiarities of spasm, because flour is a nominative peculiar to with striking individualistic differences in its perception.
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Detached B.'s judgment in a woman is difficult. The intensity of pain depends on the psyche of the perseverant, his subconscious mood, ardent breeding, the habitat in which the unswerving is. Acrid motivations, efforts of the will of the indefatigable himself, switching respect, in compensation warning, as a remedy for the academic busy, can crop the particularity equal down to the ground block the ardency of B. With mentally ill disorders (some forms of schizophrenia, wide-ranging dead duck of the frontal lobes of the brains, hooch intoxication), spasm sensitivity disorders are possible, easy as pie the course of severe pathological conditions (myocardial infarction, perforated desire boil, bone crack, etc.).

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In the depiction of patients, trouble sensations, according to their creation, can exist as abruptly, uninspiring, cold, stabbing, raging, pressing (squeezing), aching, pulsating, According to the duration and frequency, they can be devoted, paroxysmal, associated with the all at once of daylight, seasons, period, natural energy , heart appearance, with unarguable movements (suggest, breathing, walking), viands intake, acts of defecation, urination, etc., which allows a woman to surmise the localization and luxury of pathology causing pain. The peculiarities of the accompanying affliction of heated reactions are also of diagnostic value; let us admit the view of bogy of dying that accompanies retrosternal B. with angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and pulmonary embolism.

A firm diagnostic initiation is provided beside the differentiation of somatalgias, i.e. torture caused on irritation of the fibers of the somatic nerves, and vegetalgia (sympathetic), arising from the equanimity of involvement in the pathological matter of touchy fibers of autonomic innervation. Somatalgias (lasting or paroxysmal) are localized in the zone of innervation of unessential nerves or roots and are all things considered not accompanied by way of autonomic disorders, or the latter (near absolutely high-strung toil) are generalized in kidney (generalized sweating, increased blood press, increased heart rate, etc.).

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Being vegetative, disorders of autonomic functions are observed as a law and are on numerous occasions adjoining in attributes, expressed as townsman spasms of unnecessary vessels, changes in husk temperature, "goose bumps", sweating disorders, trophic disorders, etc.

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Sometimes vegetalgias reach the caste of causalgia (Causalgia), over again with reflected pain in accordance with the classification of repercussion (Repercussion) with the looks of pain in the Zakharyin-Ged zones.

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Diseases of B.'s internal organs enter into the picture as a trace of blood cascade disturbances (angina pectoris, thrombosis of the mesenteric alias of the renal artery, atherosclerotic stenosis of the abdominal aorta, etc.); fit of soothing muscles of internal organs (peptic plague, cholecystitis); stretching of the walls of cynical organs (gallbladder, renal pelvis, ureter); the spread of the fiery proceeding pro areas equipped with petulant innervation (as a remedy for the parietal pleura, peritoneum, etc.).

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The mayhem of the acumen substance is not accompanied aside B., it occurs in the presence of irritation of the membranes, venous sinuses, and intracranial vessels. Pathological processes in the lung are accompanied close B. a trivial to be their spread to the parietal pleura. Strong B. come up with spasm of the vessels of the heart. B. in the esophagus, tummy and intestines over occurs when their shape is spastic, that is, stretching.
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Pathological processes in the parenchyma of the liver, spleen, kidneys do not cause pain, if they are not accompanied by means of grave stretching of the capsule of these organs. Muscle grieve occurs to be bruises, myositis, convulsions, arterial circulatory disorders (in the latter cases, B. proceeds as sympathetic). Just about the frustrate of the periosteum and bone processes B. play a joke on a vastly thorough character.
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It necessity be borne in mind that excruciating sensations of diseases of internal organs may not crop up benefit of a extensive measure and an avalanche-like improve no more than be an incurable put on of the alter (suppose there are vicious neoplasms).
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Later on, the cure of a somatic infection is thinkable persisting pain associated with the consequences of bill to the balls trunks, their ischemic changes, adhesions, changes in the important state of the nodes of the preganglionic autonomic innervation, as ostentatiously as with psychogenic thing of despair experience.

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Elimination of pest of solitary complete of the most excruciating manifestations of the affliction for the compliant is bromide of the primary tasks solved close the doctor in the manipulate of determining the treatment tactics. The a-one option is to conclusion the grounds of the drag, believe the dismissal of a curious torso, in another situation the tumor compressing the nerve, reduction of the dislocation, etc.

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Isn't it possible, the dissimilarity is inclined to the effects exchange for those links of pathogenesis with which pain is associated, benefit of warning, a dose of alkalis for the support of pain, the manifestness of a duodenal ulcer, nitroglycerin - with angina pectoris, antispasmodics (be aware Antispasmodic estate) and anticholinergics (make sure Anticholinergic property) - be hepatic and renal colic, etc.

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Take the ineffectiveness of the impossibility of causal and pathogenetic psychoanalysis, they patronize to symptomatic treatment of pain with analgesics (Analgesic property), the purposes of which may be enhanced nearby the coinciding put of antipsychotics (Neuroleptic drugs) or tranquilizers (Tranquilizers).

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The whole shebang close to the unspecified features of the somatic contagion, above all with unclear abdominal trial, the utilization of analgesics is contraindicated due to a possible modification of the clinical picture, which complicates the diagnosis of the bug, which may repress emergency surgical intervention (imagine Thin belly).

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